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Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule your convenient 15 minute appointment online today. Remember to download and print the Request to Mail Mouthguard and Consent forms prior to your appointment.

Custom Impression

During your appointment, Dr. Lirio will perform an initial dental examination to determine there are no contraindications to making your mouthguard (i.e., loose or broken teeth, presence of heavy tartar or plaque, large tooth decay and infection, or certain types of orthodontic appliances). After it is decided you are a good candidate, an impression molding of your teeth will be taken by a dental professional to ensure accuracy.

Creation of Mouthguard

Using a dental model of your mouth, made from the impression molding, we create a professional grade, multilayer pressure-formed mouthguard. Our custom-made design process ensures the best fit and protection possible for an athletic mouthguard. Mouthguards will be labeled with your name and come with a protective case. Personalized design options such as name, jersey number, and a variety of colors are available.

Pickup or Delivery

Once your mouthguard has been created, you are welcome to schedule an appointment for pickup, which includes a custom-fitting at no extra charge, in our office. Mouthguards can also be delivered via USPS with a flat shipping fee of $7.25.